Attentive Amelioration

Attentive Amelioration translates roughly to mindful healing and enrichment. It is about providing care that is holistic and person-centered with a sense of real presence. It is about creating a care environment that allows for relationality as well as growth and development alongside the healing process.
In my coaching practice, I have a special interest in supporting healthcare professionals who want to strengthen and develop themselves so that they can provide good quality, holistic, person-centered care to their patients and maintain a full and balanced life. This part of my practice is about supporting you, the healthcare professional, to thrive in an environment that is fraught with the stresses and strains of professional caring and a constant threat of burnout.
I have spent the better part of the last ten years mentoring, training and coaching health care professionals and I have done a Ph.D. study which involved the design and evaluation of an 8-week  mindful-wellness course for healthcare professionals. The course comprises of a one-day retreat-style workshop followed by weekly individual coaching sessions and an e-learning component.
This is what some of my participants had to say about their experience:

 “I found it to be quite therapeutic.”-Arthur

“Susan has a very calm, patient manner which allowed me to be kinder and have more patience with myself.”- Cleo

“It has certainly added value and enriched my life.”-Victoria

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