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If you want to find a way to live more fully engaged with your life, or if you’d like to feel like you have more choice and agency, and want to feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled, I am so glad that you’ve found your way here. Whether you’re in crisis and feeling totally overwhelmed, or if you’re looking to really level-up and make meaningful and sustainable changes [or if you’re somewhere in between], you’re welcome here.

Through every stage of our lives, we face challenges, and there are times when adjusting and rising to those challenges may require support so that we can identify and access the new resources and skills necessary. That is absolutely normal and being able to reach out and ask for help is a really big step toward being able to grow and develop through the trials we face. So well done for taking this initial step, and I look forward to working with you. 

What is Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Coaching?

Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Coaching is a collaborative therapeutic change process that integrates the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, and coaching.  It is a gentle, but powerful process that will help you identify and change long-standing habits and patterns that may be getting in the way of you being able to adjust and grow – a guided self-exploration process that helps you to create space for new experiences and a new way of being that feels more spacious, more in control and more fulfilled.

“Mindful awareness allows us to lean in to our vulnerability to create a space for therapeutic self-exploration, leading to meaningful change.”


About Susan’s Clients

Susan’s clients come from all walks of life and have chosen to work with her for varied reasons. Some are making a pro-active move to grow and develop, while others are struggling with a life challenge or transition [such as a new job, a new relationship status, a move to a new place, a difficult diagnosis or the death of a loved one] and are feeling stressed or stuck. 

Steeped in years of experience working to support health & care practitioners, Susan is also particularly fond of working with women who feel like they’re juggling multiple responsibilities, trying to have a meaningful career, and take care of themselves and everyone else…

“It is so fulfilling to support women and watch them transform. Whether its from an overwhelmed bundle of frazzled nerves, to the calm, confident, compassionate Self that they really are, or watching them grow through career, or academic development. It is such a privilege to be a part of their journey, and such a meaningful part of what I do.” – Dr Susan McGarvie

Susan also works with organisations and teams to build cohesive, compassionate working environments that foster collaboration, creativity and innovation. Collaborative organisational partners she’s worked with include Rhodes University, Knysna-Sedgefield Hospice, HPCA, St Francis Hospice, and the Western Cape Department of Health.


Pillars of Support

susanmcgarvie.com/mindfulness-based therapeutic-coaching

1-1 Therapeutic Coaching sessions

Start your personalised change process. Learn to develop skills and resources to help you live a more intentional and fully engaged life. A happier, healthier, more connected life. 


Group Workshops & programmes

Workshops & webinars related to mindfulness, compassion and related topics such as resilience, emotional and social intelligence, communication, etc can be tailored to suit your team or company’s needs.



Work with us to design mindfulness and compassion-based retreats that are tailored to your group’s needs, or join one of our planned retreats. 

Online options available for counselling, coaching and workshops.

Client Reviews

“Susan was a wonderful guide through my darkest times. Her gentle & holistic appraoch really made it easy for me to dig deep & heal. She gave me tools to use when life became overwhelming & instilled practices that I still use regularly.”

– Jen

“I found Susan to be genuine, kind & compassionate. I enjoyed her passion for what she presents. During our sessions I felt supported & that she met me where I was on all levels. ”

– Terry

“With Susan’s sensitive and caring guidance, I learned to incorporate the practices she taught into both my work and everyday life. This had a profund effect on my ability to deal with work-related pressures and life outside of work. I continue to make use of the mindfulness and meditation practices taught by Susan and can strongly reccomend anyone [especially those in the caring professions] to make use of her services. ”

– Carl

“I cannot thank you enough for your mindful-wellness training. It has had a profound influence on my life and I am truly grateful to you. I practice it every day, in so many different ways and can see the impact that it has had on the way I live each day.”

– Ali

“Over a very short space of time, mindfulness has become a very big part of my life. And with mindful practice and daily meditation it has become almost second nature. All the stresses that I have experienced for so long are no longer first on the list to show up in my mind and body. The situations that have caused my stress and anxiety are much better managed and controlled with mindfulness. It has allowed me to think much more clearly thereby resulting in a positive outcome with very little or no stress. Remember – a little stress is good for one. In conclusion, the first question that Susie asked me was what I wanted out of these sessions, I said, I want to be happy. I can truly say that I am happy.”

– Mickey


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