“I found Susan to be genuine, kind & compassionate. I enjoyed her passion for what she presents. During our sessions I felt supported & that she met me where I was on all levels. ” – Terry

“I cannot thank you enough for your mindful-wellness training. It has had a profound influence on my life and I am truly grateful to you. I practice it every day, in so many different ways and can see the impact that it has had on the way i live each day.” – Ali

Over a very short space of time, mindfulness has become a very big part of my life. And with mindful practice and daily meditation it has become almost second nature. All the stresses that I have experienced for so long are no longer first on the list to show up in my mind and body. The situations that have caused my stress and anxiety are much better managed and controlled with mindfulness. It has allowed me to think much more clearly thereby resulting in a positive outcome with very little or no stress. Remember – a little stress is good for one. In conclusion, the first question that Susie asked me was what I wanted out of these sessions, I said, I want to be happy. I can truly say that I am happy.” Mickey